Flatulent dog? Try odour an neutralizing thong!

At the moment one of our toddler’s favourite books is Walter the Farting Dog. So it’s most appropriate that I just came across this unusual new product (thanks to ‘international science humor magazine’ Annals of Improbable Research) 

The The Dogone – Dog Gas Neutralizing Pad by Flat-D is based on similar products for humans from the same manufacturer, like the UnderEase odor-trapping underwear with a removable charcoal filter.

As it says on the Flat-D home page, “Flatulence is part of life. It is a natural result of good digestion. Most of us try to make light of it so as to not be embarrassed by its occurrence.”

Well, now dog owners can eliminate those embarrassing smells – although it is at the expense of humiliating your beloved pooch with this rather silly-looking garment. We at Hound TV can’t help wondering if a change in diet might be a better solution.

The Flat-D website was broken when Hound TV visited (probably because of the massive attention it’s getting from our readers), but we did manage to view google’s cache of the page as well as several other reports about the product.

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