Is your dog a Mummy’s boy?

For many dog owners, their dog is a part of the family. When the dog dies, families often wish to pay a proper tribute – hence the increasing popularity of pet cemeteries and associated services.

But isn’t this taking things a bit too far? Pet mummification:

Doberman Pinscher, Butch

According to the Summum Modern Mummification website,

“A very complete, precise, yet gentle process, Mummification will shelter the essence and body of your pet forever”

(Oh, and they do humans, too)

And the price? From about US$4,000 for your Chihuahua up to about $50-100k for you Great Dane. Start saving…

My very cursory research (I put my ‘scept-acles’ on while viewing the website) indicates that this is real. If you can show that I am mistaken, please leave a comment!

(via BoingBoing, via OhGizmo)

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