Homeopathy for dogs

United Press International reports that a clinical trial is about to take place at Bristol University to test whether homeopathy is effective for treating dermatitis in dogs.

Do you have any experience, positive or otherwise, with homeopathic treatments for your dog? Please leave a comment.

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  • Guuuuuureat show! Found you under the ‘Health’ section in iTunes and subscribed. Fast moving, good commentary, educational and fun. Keep up the wonderful work I enjoy it immensely.

    From the director of:
    The School of Natural Healing for Companion Animals
    Oregon, U.S.A.


    Comment | Thu 5 April, 2007
  • Hi Lorelei,

    It’s always interesting (and useful!) for us to know where people found us, and what they like about the show.


    Comment | Thu 5 April, 2007

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