Hound TV #04 – Fri 7 July 2006

In episode 4, Polly tests out an off-leash dog park, and we meet our Hound of the Week, Bruce.

Show notes for this episode at http://www.houndtv.com/2006/07/07/episode-4-show-notes/

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Building a new home? Don’t forget about the dog!

From News-Leader.com (Springfield, Montana, USA): A story about home designs that incorporate features for the family pooch – and we’re not just talking doggy doors, here.

How about a special shower (with entrances from outdoors as well as the garage), or a special lift (elevator) for a dog with an amputated leg?

Even if the budget doesn’t stretch that far, including your dog in your house plans is good thinking.

For dozens more tips on setting up your space so that it works well for you and your dogs, the article also references the book, Animal House Style : Designing a Home to Share With Your Pets (buying it from this link helps HoundTV – but feel free to shop around!). – We haven’t seen a copy of the book, but check out the reviews on Amazon; several people thought it was a nice coffee table book but not terribly useful as a dog-friendly home design textbook. So leave your expectations at the door 🙂

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