Your dog has something to say to you

The Bowlingual dog translator is (apparently) a device which decodes your dog’s barks and growls. A small transmitter is worn on the dog’s collar, and the receiver looks a bit like a tamagochi (maybe it is?). They’re not for sale at the Bowlingual site, but seem to be on eBay for around US$100.

Meanwhile, The Dr Dolittle Project at Marquette University in Wisconsin, USA, aims to ‘develop a broadly useable framework for pattern analysis and classification of animal vocalizations, by integrating successful models and ideas from the field of speech processing and recognition into bioacoustics’.

It may all sound a bit silly, and of course dog owners know that they already know what their dog is saying to them, but the Dr Dolittle research potentially has genuine applications in animal welfare and wildlife research and preservation.

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