50,000 dogs slaughtered in China

As you have probably noticed, the editorial policy of HoundTV is usually to report the up-beat and entertaining side of the dog world.

This is so awful, I don’t even know what to say about it, other than to report it: Death squads in Yunnan round up 50,000 dogs

The mind boggles.

(A search on google news reveals several other reports on this, some including quotes from World Health Organisation officials on how rabies should be dealt with)

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  • gary

    i am a singer living in nyc with molly – a black lab mix, and maggie – a beagle.

    when i found out about this atrocity, i had a similar emotional reaction as i did on 9/11.

    where on 9/11 i felt human screams of anguish, on 08/02 i felt the pain for all those loved pets and their owners.

    to think that a human society could make that kind of decision based on 4 human deaths saddens me greatly.

    please report your outrage to the Chinese ambassadors/proper authorities. usa and our animal cops shows are showing the world how strides are being made to become less primitive as a world. we can not tolerate this kind of world message.

    Comment | Fri 4 August, 2006

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