Hound TV #12 – Monday 4 December 2006


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In episode 12 we talked about:

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  • Manny

    Hi Guys, Thanks so much for the great video on Albi – we are so proud. I have sent all my friends your website so they can watch it and I have had some great responses. Again, thanks a lot it was heaps of fun. Cheers Manny, Paul and Albi

    Comment | Wed 6 December, 2006
  • Hi – have just had a look at this weeks episode. I watched it with my children. My 6 year old has just finished a unit on responsible pet ownership and dog safety at school, so it really reinforced what he had learnt. Good job!

    Comment | Wed 13 December, 2006
  • Manny, thanks for being on the show, we enjoyed meeting Albi, and his grunting is priceless – our first talking dog!
    BTW, sorry about the typo 🙂

    Belinda, Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed the show!
    We have seen your ‘Muttlery’ around the place in our travels. We should catch up sometime!

    Comment | Wed 13 December, 2006
  • Sherry

    Albi’s head looks like a border terrier, his tail looks husky. Can’t tell the coat type since they said he was clipped. My Dad called mixed breed dogs “Heinz 57.” All I know is he’s a cutie.
    Love the podcast. Just the right length, funny, informative. So you have a fan as far away as Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Keep up the good work!!

    Comment | Sun 24 December, 2006

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