It’s always Year of the Dog at Hound TV!

I don’t know much about the Chinese Zodiac – but it’s always Year of the Dog at Hound TV. So happy New Year!
I suppose you’ve been wondering where the heck we are – and if we’ve ‘podfaded‘ or something.

We’ve been taking a well-deserved break, lying in the Aussie sun, and dreaming about big juicy bones.
That, and planning our content for 2007.

(Photo by Paul Collins, used under a Creative Commons license)

Our New Year’s resolution here at Hound TV is to bring you better, sillier content than ever, including:

  • A series on agility
  • A series on basic training
  • A series on diet (including how to make your own dog food)

And of course as many goodies, freebies and giveaways as we can muster! (If you’re in the dog biz and have a product you’d like to promote by giving it away on Hound TV, do drop us a line! – hint: it needs to be easy to ship anywhere in the world!)

Tomorrow is Australia Day/Invasion Day, and we’ll be visiting a flyball competition to find out all about this fun sport for dogs for our first episode for the year, which should be up in a week or so. Stay tuned!

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  • Hey there Guys you interviewed me and Matilda (Kerkens Waltzing Matilda) on Australia Day at the flyball comp. I wanted to say thanks for your time and look forward to seeing matilda.

    Apart from breeding mini bull terriers my husband and I own the largest internation bull breeds forum – http://www.bullbreedsonline.com . We have 2615 members and the membership is predominantly Australian, UK, Europe and USA based. Our forum is for Bull Breed Owners (Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Mastifs, Amstaffs) but we welcome all breed owners who have a soft spot for the bull types.

    We are in the process of hold a huge BBO Barbeque and would love it if you guys would come along and see how the bullies kick up their heels. This is going to be held in Victoria, probably in either Ballarat or some where like a Confirmation Show.

    Anyway thanks again and look forward to seeing more of you guys and your interviews and outings.


    We are going to have all the members bring their dogs along and have some fun and games. I would like your permission to put a link up

    Comment | Sat 27 January, 2007
  • Hi Kerry,

    Thanks for the interview on Friday, Matilda was great. I’m sure everyone is going to enjoy seeing her and learning a little bit about Mini Bull Terriers!

    Would love to come to your barbeque. Keep us posted and we’ll see if we can work it into our schedule.


    Comment | Sun 28 January, 2007
  • Morgan (typed by human owner Jane)

    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to say thanks for interviewing me. It was my first interview and I really enjoyed it. If you cant tell I live for flyball, and I nag my human owner into doing flyball as much as possible.
    Cant wait to show my doggy mates the interview, and I hope you got my handsome side (black eyed side) and not my white side, as I tend to blush!
    Hope you all had a great time at the Flyball comp – I know I did. My human owner is still recovering.
    Morgan Comey

    Comment | Sun 28 January, 2007
  • Paul Collins

    Bear and Avery extend their thanks for using their picture!!

    Paul Collins.. aka Pacdog..

    Comment | Fri 13 April, 2007
  • Morgan,
    I have to say you looked pretty nonchalant about being on camera (immediately after the flyball story in episode 14). I guess you were probably keen to get to your next game of flyball!

    Bear and Avery,
    No, really, thanks for modeling!

    Comment | Fri 13 April, 2007

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