Dog video: Hound TV #26 – Friday 8 February 2008

Dog Video: The ‘Legal Beagle’ episode! We talk to a lawyer about legal issues for dog owners, and meet a couple of beagles.

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In this episode:

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  • Greetings,
    I enjoyed your show with the legal beagle and with Megan and Georgia. I am DogFather to Tyson’s mom, Nova, and have enjoyed a several year cyber relationship with Suzanne Parkinson (Brynler Beagles), her hoomin. You did a wonderful interview and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. One additional comment about “professional” beagles, there is a pest control business in Gainesville, Florida (USA) that uses beagles to sniff out termites! One of my favorite sniffing demonstrations was on the Jay Leno late night TV show when he had a handler with a beagle. There were three packages, one with pepperoni, one with marijuanna, and the other fruit. The beagle was to find the marijuanna and sit next to the package for identification. The beagle smelled all three, marked the package with pepperoni and then went and sat by the marijuanna! (I guess he was saying, “This is MINE…. this is yours!”).

    Thanks again for your very interesting Hound TV.

    Bruce and the Baskerbeagles — Molly, Degui, Boogie and Pigeon

    Comment | Mon 18 February, 2008
  • Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for dropping by. Very cool stories!

    Comment | Mon 18 February, 2008

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