Hound TV #32 – Tuesday 31 March 2009: Sidney Aarons – Recall & Leash

Continuing our series of stories pulled from our first TV season, in today’s dog Video, NDTF accredited dog trainer Sidney Aarons gives us some tips on getting your dog to come when called and walk on the leash.

(Can’t see the video? Click here to download the free Flash player)

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  • Jonnie Santos

    …fun and useful vidcast – thanks! I subscribe in iTunes but the video is jerky – maybe something with the video conversion for viewing here in U.S. It’s plays fine here on the website using Viddler. Thx again.

    Comment | Wed 1 April, 2009
  • Hi Jonnie,

    Thanks for that. I’m glad you enjoy the show!

    I wasn’t aware of that problem… will do some troubleshooting.


    Comment | Wed 1 April, 2009

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