Season 2 starts in, like, 25 hours!

If you, like us, can hardly believe we made it through our first TV season of lame gags from December 2008 to February 2009… you’ll be amazed that we’re back with a whole season of new content. And it starts in Melbourne tomorrow night!

Hound TV Season 2 Episode 1 screenshot

In our first episode, we drop in on an Agility trial, do some more socialization with dog trainer Sidney Aarons, and meet a very large shaggy dog (it was a new one to me!).

Hope you can make it: 7pm Wednesday, Channel 31 Melbourne

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  • samantha

    you have to go digital!! i cant get channel 31 on my tvs!! so please load onto your website!!!


    Comment | Tue 9 June, 2009
  • Hi Samantha,

    Channel 31 would love to go digital… unfortunately the recent federal budget didn’t make any provision for it 🙁

    Please contact your local MP and ask them to explain why support for the transition to Digital for Community TV has been left out of the Budget, and what they plan to do now. Feel free to play the ‘You will lose my vote if this doesn’t happen’, and the ‘How is Steven from Hound TV supposed to feed his family now?’ cards 🙂

    In the meantime, we are posting all of the segments to our website, one at a time. We should have a new one coming up in a few days. Or you can buy the whole of season 1 on DVD.


    Comment | Tue 9 June, 2009
  • samantha

    thanks steven!
    your love for dogs can be seen just from the one episode i watched 🙂

    Comment | Thu 11 June, 2009

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