Basenji – Dog Equipment – Obedience Trial

Notes for Episode 3, Season 2 – first aired Wednesday 24 June 2009, Channel 31 Melbourne

Season 2 Episode 3 screen grabs

(No, my voice isn’t meant to sound like that. I had a cold, OK? )

Desexing with Dr Lauren Bugeja

Equipment with Sidney Aarons

Obedience Trial

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  • Never had to get cage or stuff for our basenji as we had a doggie door and other dogs to help train her. We did have some problems with chewing our shoes and eye glasses. Other than that we were okay. this will be our first puppy with no others to help. What goes in the cage for when we aren’t at home?

    Comment | Fri 19 February, 2010
  • Basenjite

    We have a basenji puppy that is 16 weeks old. She stays in her “den” (crate) if we need to leave her alone. We have a spacious crate left from another dog. We put a puppy pad folded in half in the back and a washable towel or bath rug in the front. We provide her with a chew bone and a braided rope chew toy she likes that she can chew to relieve anxiety or boredom. We don’t put in food or water because we don’t leave her alone long enough for her to suffer from hunger or thirst and she is well fed. We never use her den as a punishment and we leave the door open when we are home so she can go in if she desires. She generally just sleeps in there while we are away. I have only had to clean up the puppy pad twice. She already knows how to sit on command so we require her to sit before opening the door of the crate when we return home. Of course her den is not too hot or cold and not sitting in the current or future sunshine from a window. This setup works very well for us.

    Comment | Sun 28 February, 2010

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