Australian Silky Terrier – Flying Dogs – Earthdog

Notes for Episode 4, Season 2 – first aired Wednesday 1 July 2009, Channel 31 Melbourne

Season 2 Episode 4 screen grabs

Australian Silky Terrier

Body Condition Scoring with Dr Lauren Bugeja

King Charles Spaniels

Study: Dogs have moral compass (The Age)

Traveling interstate or overseas with your dog


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Written by Steven in: Show Notes |


  • Janice James

    Great show last night guys (1/7). I even enjoyed the adds!! Earthdog Bertie looked great as did George. Great interview with Jan Cooke. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Janice James.

    Comment | Thu 2 July, 2009
  • Thanks Janice,
    It was great meeting y’all and seeing the little dogs in action!

    Comment | Thu 2 July, 2009
  • Jan Cooke

    Hi Steven,

    Is the earthdog/ australian silky terrier episode available on DVD yet?


    Comment | Fri 2 April, 2010
  • Hi Jan,
    Sorry, we’ve been a little tardy getting the Season 2 DVD set out, as we’ve been so busy making Season 3! We have made some progress, though. Hopefully it should only be a few more weeks. Thanks for hanging in there!

    Comment | Sat 3 April, 2010

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