Hound TV #42 – Tuesday 3 November 2009: Dog Museum

Today’s segment is from Episode 4 of Season 1 of our TV series. It’s the one where we visit a dog museum (and no, that’s not a place where they exhibit, like, 19th century tennis balls and tug toys).
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Want to check out the museum for yourself?
It’s about an 45 minutes drive South-East of Melbourne, on the grounds of the State Dog Centre (formerly KCC Park) at 655 Westernport Highway, Skye.
Opening hours and contact details at their web site:

Don’t forget, if you want to see this story in all its glory – along with stacks of other stories, you can now get the whole of season one (all 11 episodes) on DVD, here: Hound TV DVD. It’s probably the best dog DVD set in the world. Or one of them. Well, we like it, anyway.

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