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Well, after a long break from filming, we’re back with Season 3! Season 3 will be airing in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide, while Brisbane and Perth play “catch up” with Season 2. So once we get to Season 4, everything should line up nicely. I know that sounds complicated, but don’t worry – all you need to remember is that if you’re looking for show notes for the current episode, the easiest thing to do is use the search box towards the top right-hand side of the site. Just type in a keyword that is relevant to the episode in question, for example “tricks” or “Border Collie”. Who knows, you might even find something else useful or interesting!

Anyway, enough ramblings, on with the
Notes for Episode 1, Season 3 – first aired Monday 8 March 2010, Channel 31 Adelaide

Tricks with Juli Gestier



Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Dogs

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