Greyhounds – what to feed your dog – RSPCA Million Paws Walk

Notes for Episode 13, Season 3 – first aired Monday 31 May 2010, Channel 31 Adelaide

Season 3 Episode 13 screen grabs

Yes, it’s our Season 3 finale. We’re off to go and drink beer scour Australia for more exciting dog stories for next season!

Stuff we talked about in this episode:

Hounds Of The Week: Yeti and Mickey the Greyhounds

Hamish the pig from Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary

Dog food with RSPCA Victoria Chief Vet Chris Thurgood: Dog Ownership and Care at RSPCA Victoria

RSPCA Million Paws Walk

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  • adam

    ive just got a couple of ideas for stories.

    the first is the carrisbrooke working jack russel and running dog show, its on in the 1st sunday in october. its the only place you see kangaroo dogs australias first breed. also its good to see big bearded blokes in utes with dog boxes trotting around trying to win best running dog upto 22″ etc.

    the second is if you could do some comparisons between conformation in working and show dogs of the same breed.

    thank your show is great

    Comment | Thu 1 July, 2010
  • Hi Adam,
    Thanks for that. The show sounds interesting.
    We have touched on show vs working dogs a little (in the retrieving trial story in Season 3, Episode 3), but have been wanting to to more on this. For example with Springer Spaniels.
    I’ll put both of your ideas on our list for consideration and we’ll see how we go 🙂

    Comment | Thu 1 July, 2010
  • adam

    thanks mate. show greyhounds vs track vs staghounds come to mind. but there are heaps of others lab’s for example. i gotthe idea from that pedigree dogs exposed using the old paintings of basset hounds etc.
    keep up the good work

    Comment | Thu 1 July, 2010
  • Renato

    guys the segment on retrieving trails was fantastic congratulations i rang all my connections in trails and told them to watch the show they also loved it keep it up

    Comment | Wed 22 September, 2010
  • Thanks Renato. We had fun shooting that segment, too!

    Comment | Thu 23 September, 2010

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