‘Dogs Pops’, targeting, Minister for Dogs, dog body language

Notes for Episode 7, Season 4 – first aired Monday 18 July 2011, Channel 31 Melbourne

Dog body language & clicker training – targeting:

The Hon Peter Walsh MLA (‘Minister for dogs’):

‘DNA Testing Dog Poop’ story on The Huffington Post

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  • Dil

    Just watched your show. Regarding your interveiw with MP Peter Walsh I was very disappointed in the way this interveiw referred specifically to pit bulls with no mention of owner responsibility. Blaming the breed is tiresome and just plain ignorant. How many of these attacks are undeniably a pibull and how many are mixed breed dogs with pit bull type features. I notice the interviewer himself owns what looks to be a ridgeback or a mastiff type dog a breed that was originally bred for hunting and could just as easily be turned into a killer. Remember when German shepards and dobermans used to cop the same flak? The pit bull is just this generations version of the killer rotweiler of the 80s, the percentage of irresponsible owners hasn’t changed just their breed of choice. Outlawing pit bulls will just mean that these ‘toughies’ will turn to new breeds. Just for the record I am not a pit bull owner but the owner of a English staffy who is perfectly socialized and obedient and has never shown an aggresive streak towards human or dog but I still experience this breed related ignorance on a daily basis. breed specific legislation is a farce how about some seriously tough laws for owners of aggressive animals. Zero tolerance and large fines/jail time for serious attacks. Once a dog of any breed shows aggression of an unacceptable level it should be considered a defective animal and euthanized. How about compulsory attendance of a training facility. People need to learn to be dominant over their animals, a submissive animal is a safe dog that knows it’s place this is true to Maltese terriers as much as pit bulls.

    Comment | Fri 22 July, 2011
  • Hi Dylan, Thanks for dropping by. I’m in total agreement that breed-specific legislation is a farce. Not sure how you got the impression otherwise, but I’m sorry if it came across as such. Cheers, Steven

    Comment | Sun 24 July, 2011

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