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Notes for Episode 10, Season 4 – first aired Monday 8 August 2011, Channel 31 Melbourne


Canine Obesity:

We shot our doggy fashions at Puppy Phat in St Kilda. Also try our sponsors, Mega Pet Warehouse!

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  • garry reed

    hi, just tried to access details of the latest trials, held at Aldinga in S.A. but your website dosn’t allow me to find anything in S.A.!! my daughter txt msg, me to check channel 44, as she was going to be on there with her dog but I missed it so I thought I could watch it on your web site on my laptop, but no! What’s going on?

    Comment | Thu 24 April, 2014
  • Hi Garry,
    I’m not sure what trials you’re talking about, as (a) we’re based in Melbourne and (b) we have not been in production for a couple of years. Happy to see Channel 44 are still playing re-runs, though 🙂
    For up-to-date local info, you might be better of checking Dogs SA. I presume there are also some active Facebook groups that would have the info you are after.
    Cheers, Steven

    Comment | Thu 24 April, 2014
  • Robert Sherwood

    Have only just now seen (22Mar19 ch44 Perth) your well constructed, presented and informative show
    Sorry to see the message in the previous posts that you are no longer in production.
    Great pity!

    Comment | Fri 22 March, 2019
  • Thanks Robert. Nice to see the old shows still getting the occasional run on the telly, though! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    Comment | Wed 29 May, 2019

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