Who is Mike Bailey? (And why should you care?)

If you run an animal welfare organization in Australia, you know who Mike Bailey is. And depending on how you run that organization, he’s either a great ally, or a festering, painful, thorn in your side.

Mike Bailey on Hound TV

Mike Bailey on Hound TV

The first time I met Mike was at the launch party for the very first “TV” (i.e., non-podcast) episode of Hound TV back in 2008, where we were introduced by a mutual friend.

At the time Mike had just read Nathan Winograd’s Redemption: The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & The No Kill Revolution in America, was shocked by what he discovered about organizations that purportedly exist to look after animals, and had begun using his computer programming, web, and social media experience to set up – an interactive animal shelter map which pulled data from the individual shelter websites and presented them in a consumer-friendly format. A simple but effective tool which I used later to find my own dog, Kosmo.

From those humble beginnings and in a relatively short period of time, Bailey has become one of Australia’s own animal welfare crusaders. He spends what must be a considerable amount of his own time poring over the annual reports and other statistics of animal welfare organizations. And if things don’t add up, he asks uncomfortable questions. And if he doesn’t get answers that make sense, he makes sure that people know.

Bailey has been a key figure in exposing the Lost Dogs’ Home’s bulging coffers and high kill rate, and tonight he appears on an ABC 7:30 report investigation into the Cat Protection Society.

I think it’s fair to say that Mike Bailey can be hard for some humans to get along with with, but he’s also a dog’s best friend.

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  • Inge Rheinberger

    Well, I wish we would have more people like Mike Bailey. I had a very sad experience with the Noosa Shelter of the RSPCA, they killed a young, healthy stray cat despite leaving my contacts and assuring me that they will look after her. when asked why, I was told once the cat goes into the Pound, it is not the jurisdiction of the RSPCA any more.

    Comment | Sun 18 September, 2011

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