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How did it all start?

Hound TV was started by Steven Pam as a video podcast in early 2006. When Steven’s friend Matt saw how crappy the video quality was he quickly joined in for episode 2 and has stuck around ever since.

From our first episode in 2006, we produced nearly 30 episodes and finally got “noticed” by Melbourne community TV station, Channel 31.

We have produced two seasons airing on community TV in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide; and are now producing our third season. Most, if not all, of the stories from the TV show will eventually make their way to the podcast.

The Hound TV team

Steven Pam

Steven with Kosmo the dog
  • Founder of Hound TV and probably the most talented and good-looking TV host in the world ever (also writes his own bio).
  • Day job: Commercial Photographer
  • Favourite dog breed: Mongrel.
  • Second-favourite breed: I don’t really have one. Maybe schnoodles, because they’re cute, hypoallergenic, make a good family pet, and they’re not too large or small.

Matt Tynan

Matt filming a Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Videographer (camera operator) and video editor extraoridnaire.
  • Day job: Family business (hardware store)
  • Favourite dog breed: Schnoodle.
  • Favourite dog activity: Agility.

Kate Mornement

  • Companion Animal Behaviourist, educator and freelance writer. Writes for several pet magazines and web-based publications on the topic of animal behaviour, and does private consultations through her practice, Pets Behaving Badly
  • Bachelor of Science with first class Honours in Zoology – Animal Behaviour (LaTrobe University, Melbourne)
  • Currently completing a PhD in Canine behaviour (Monash University, Melbourne).
  • Favourite dog breed: Her own boxer (Archie), and Labrador (Joseph), of course!
  • Favourite dog activity: Probably training them (and their humans)
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