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  • plus i love your show plus Cosmo the dog

    Comment | Wed 14 July, 2010
  • lois tompkins

    my dog is border collie x 2years old, he is very smart and obiedent except when he see s another dog…… he goes mental and i have no doubts he would kill it . it takes all my strength to hold him. he is sterilized and i use halti and body harness to hold him. how do i over come this even his ball does not distract him or food treats.

    Comment | Wed 14 July, 2010
  • Ramiesh, as far as I know, dogs and cats don’t love getting rained on… although they do need to drink water to live, so rain is important for them. Thanks for dropping by… Kosmo just had his dinner 🙂

    Comment | Wed 14 July, 2010
  • Hi Lois,
    I know your pain! Kosmo loves other dogs. He definitely doesn’t want to kill them, but can be a little hard to control around them. Dog trainer Sidney Aarons has given some tips about this on various episodes of the show, but it sounds like you could do with some one-on-one help! If you contact a behaviourist, NDTF trainer, or similar, they should be able to get you and your dog sorted out within a couple of sessions.
    Cheers, Steven

    Comment | Wed 14 July, 2010
  • Donna

    Hi Steven,
    we are big fans of the show we watch every week.
    We love all the information that the vet gives us, do you think that you could give us information on general things with dogs eg: the new three year vaccine, why do dogs eat grass, what food not to feed, are Schmackos really take away food for dogs, show us what are the best type of bones and maybe some easy home first aid tips, such as how to clean ears, cut nails etc.
    I would love to see a story done on mini fox terriers, my husband and I have the great pleasure of being Monty’s people/owners. He brings great fun and joy to our family and would like to see other mini foxies and their charters.
    We are all waiting for the show’s return, please make it soon.
    yours in paws
    Monty, Donna and Brett (Monty’s people)

    Comment | Sun 1 August, 2010
  • Hi Donna, thanks for those suggestions… we’ll see what we can do. At the moment we are looking for a national sponsor to make a fourth season possible. Cheers, Steven

    Comment | Sun 1 August, 2010
  • Jillie

    Hi Steve,
    Molly (Westie) and I love your show…..Molly especially likes the theme tune with the “thggrrrrrrr” at the end. We both do hope that you find a sponsor for a fourth season because we miss it on Saturday mornings as we settle down with a cup of tea and a bone….

    Heres to HoundTV “thggrrrrrr”!!

    Jill (Sydney)

    Comment | Sat 7 August, 2010
  • Thanks Jill & Molly 🙂

    Comment | Sat 7 August, 2010
  • Janette Wilson

    Hi – I desperately want to see the episode this week where you visited the Meet the Dogs Of Melbourne exhibition at Federation Square. Coz we are the CKCS that took part in the obedience trial! can you help please?

    Comment | Sat 14 August, 2010
  • Hi Janette, you can find recent episodes streamed on our page on the C31 Melbourne website – although they don’t always seem to work properly 🙁
    Eventually we will have a Season 3 DVD set available as well… we just need to finish the Season 2 set first! Cheers

    Comment | Sat 14 August, 2010
  • Lisa Yeomans

    Hi Steven, just wanted to drop you a line to say although we no longer have a dog in our family (my sister and I live in small flats and my parents have retired so after putting our 16yr old blue heeler to sleep in Nov 2006 they wont get another-mums excuse is that they always go away but seeing as i house sit everytime as thats where my horse and pink & grey galah are, i know its because she thinks shes too old to go thru the pain of losing another dog) i still watch every episode cos- geez u make me laugh!! I LOVE your off the wall,wacky sense of humour and I cant wait till you bring out a new season. I watched with much amusement at the million paws walk ep with pink and grey galah- “she” (not sure she wasnt actually a he as the females have pink eyes and the males brown and i’m sure that birds eyes were brown…) was SO much like my boy its uncanny-the way it kept putting head down for scratch!! My boy would go happily if it wasnt for kids-he HATES them-think previous owners tormented him. anyways keep up the good work, and keep those wise cracks etc coming- i look forward to them every week!! love Lisa, ‘Spider’ the horse, and ‘Chook’ the galah!!

    Comment | Sat 11 September, 2010
  • Thanks Lisa, your stories and encouragement are appreciated 🙂

    Comment | Sat 11 September, 2010
  • Eddy Wouters

    22 September 2010

    Dear Steve .
    Can you help me . I have never owned a dog , but like to buy a Beagle
    What is the best to keep as a house pet . Male or Female .
    How do you house train a dog like that .
    How old should a pup be when I buy it .
    I hope you will find the time to help me
    Kind regard .

    Comment | Wed 22 September, 2010
  • Hi Eddy, thanks for saying hi. Choosing what kind of dog to get is a big decision! I don’t know your situation, but I would be inclined to take a step back and ask why you have your heart set on a Beagle. If it’s mainly because you like the cute way they look, you might want to look at some other options! There are lots of factors to consider like size, coat, etc, but in my view the most important by far, is temperament. What is the “character” of the breed you’re looking at, and does that suit your lifestyle? Then of course it is up to the breeder (and nature) as to how closely the indiviudal dog you end up with, matches that temperament.

    If you search for breed selection tools online you’ll be able to do some good research on which breeds might suit you well.

    Having said all that, personally my first port of call would be, where you can find dogs (of all kinds) in your area that need new homes. That’s how we found our Kosmo, and we couldn’t be happier!
    Hope that all helps… Cheers, Steven

    Comment | Thu 23 September, 2010
  • Nick Davies

    Hey, Was watching your show this morning when you had a segment on toys and asked about playing frisbee with your dog. I think it’s a bad idea as dogs usually leap for frisbies and repeatedly land hard on their back legs which over time is a recipe for chronic arthritis and hip problems, but for some dogs they’re probably great fun and excersise,Regards Nick

    Comment | Sat 27 November, 2010
  • cj

    Dear Hound TV, we are recent recruits to your fabulous show. We love Steven Pam – he’s such a hoot! Seriously though, he is a great presenter and asks the questions we want to know the answers to! We hope the show is around for a long time to come. It is so great to see a regular tv show that teaches us how to best care for our dogs and also how to ‘get the most from them’ in the way we treat and train them. We’ll spread the word!

    Comment | Mon 14 February, 2011
  • Wazman

    I would like to know where i can walk my dogs at the beach from St Kilda to Frankston, but on a lead. I,ve looked up places but they say when you can off lead walking. I don’t mind if it’s on a lead so long as the dogs get to see the beach. Please help. Thanks

    Comment | Sat 26 February, 2011
  • Hi Wazman,
    If you check the relevant local council websites (Port Phillip, Bayside, Kingston, Frankston), they all have maps and details of areas in which dogs are permitted on and off-lead. Have fun at the beach!
    Cheers, Steven

    Comment | Mon 28 February, 2011
  • Elizabeth

    Hi, We just came across your show today ( Wed 13th Apr 2011) and found it so informative. We have two miniature pinschers which we totally adore considering the past 20yrs we were never dog lovers til now. I’ve gone searching through your home pages and was quite upset to find their wasn’t any mention of mini pinscher compared to other more common breed dogs. We would love to hear more about mini pinschers if you could. I know the original pinschers were mainly bred for hunting mice and they first came from Germany. Apart from that there isn’t much info on their conditions. Can you help us? Thanks you

    Comment | Wed 13 April, 2011
  • Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for watching! We would love to know about Mini Pinschers, too! We’ll keep an eye out and see if we are able to fit anything into our coming season.
    Cheers, SP

    Comment | Fri 6 May, 2011
  • Jillie

    Hi Steven

    I am concerned that I just heard what really sounds very much like HoundTV’s theme tune (written by your good self) as the theme in a promo for a new series of “No Leave No Life” on Ch7 (sydney). If you know about this and actually wrote it for them and are receiving suitable renumeration, that’s okay……But, if not, I would look into it!! Just saying…..

    Jillie (always looking out for you 😉 )

    Comment | Thu 23 June, 2011
  • Hi Jillie, Thanks for the tip-off… and thanks for looking out for us! I have had a listen and I can see (sorry, ‘hear’) where you’re coming from, but I suspect – without prejudice – that it’s not similar enough that we’d have any claim. Cheers

    Comment | Thu 23 June, 2011
  • Jillie

    Weeeeell, Steven, I hate to *ahem* HOUND you about this but, the next time I heard the ‘NLNL’ promo there was a totally different tune!! I haven’t heard the promo since, so I don’t know wot is happening. But I doubt that I have enough *ahem* bite to make any difference to Channel 7, but honestly the original tune I heard was the identical guitar sequence to yours!!! I Swear!!

    Cheers, Jillie (& Molly wot doesnt bite – WOOF!)

    Comment | Sat 25 June, 2011
  • Lucas

    Just watched your show on TVS Sydney. Good to have an alternative dog show from the commercial networks. However, would like to see a bit more balance in your stories/reporting. Example: The puppy farms. The story was obviously biased towards the protest group and this was reflected in the editing of the story. Would have liked to see some research into the different types of puppy farms, which ones are good and or bad.
    Also, your reporter interviewed a dog owner, the dog wearing a protective coat and having a host of human-type medical problems. Isn’t it becoming increasing obvious that we are “humanising” our pets, especially dogs? This concept has come out of America, with their ‘over-indulgence’ of their pets, and in particular Vets and the Vet Drug Industry. No surprise, as there is big money to made in all this. What about an unbiased story into this growing trend and the growing profits thereof? TVS is meant to be an objective ‘alternative’ to the editorial bias of 7,9 and 10. Something to consider.

    Comment | Fri 1 July, 2011
  • Hi Lucas,
    Thanks so much for watching, and for taking the time to leave some feedback!
    It’s important to note that TVS does not produce the show. Their mandate is to provide access to the community to be able to make TV. We are independent producers.
    I take your point about trying to add some extra balance to this story in particular.
    It’s worth pointing out a few other differences between our world and that of the commercial stations – or even ABC and SBS, for that matter. Firstly, Kate is not a professional journalist (and neither am I!). So, although we do our best to provide balanced content, sometimes we may be a little off target in that respect. I apologize for that – but with the qualification that I assume that, like you, most of our viewers are smart enough to notice that for themselves 🙂
    Secondly, although we do our best to produce interesting and informative stories, please remember that our resources make it difficult for us to spend a lot of time on research, or to go to multiple locations for one story. I know that shouldn’t be an excuse, but the it’s reality. We all have day jobs, so getting a weekly show (of any sort) out in our spare time is challenge enough. If it occasionally isn’t up there with the Walkely-winning shows, that’s too bad.
    Thanks again for your feedback… I hope that answers some of your concerns.

    Comment | Fri 1 July, 2011
  • Rozie Bear

    Hi there guys,
    Love the show.
    Can you please please please please do a story on Bull Arabs. Pleeeeaaassee.
    Thank you so much

    Comment | Wed 20 July, 2011
  • Hi Rozie,
    Thanks for dropping by… we’ll see what we can do!

    Comment | Wed 20 July, 2011
  • susan

    Watched the program for the first time tonight, thought the veterinary advice was good
    but I found the following herding item extremely cruel. Did’nt you notice how frightened those sheep were desperately huddling next you, being constantly terrorized by dogs for human amusement. Sheep have all the feelings your dog has.

    Comment | Mon 22 August, 2011
  • saf

    Hi Steven,

    Do you think encouraging city dogs to get a taste for chasing other animals is a good idea?
    I did not like that herding workshop, thought it was a really silly and I agree with the previous comment.
    I really enjoy your show though.

    Comment | Fri 26 August, 2011
  • Hi Saf and Susan, thanks for watching, and thanks for your feedback. I don’t know that’s it’s important what I think about herding – our aim at Hound TV is to inform people as broadly as possible about dogs, and everything about them. You are free to make up your own mind about whether the activities are for you, or even whether you think they should take place at all. So I must stand by our decision to cover topics like these without fear or favour 🙂
    As for “extremely cruel”… I don’t think I can agree with that. If puppies nipping at sheep is extremely cruel, how would you classify live animal export or puppy farming? Maybe we could settle on possibly somewhat cruel.
    Thanks again to both of you for taking the time to leave your thoughts here. Cheers, Steven

    Comment | Fri 26 August, 2011
  • vanessa

    Hi. I know I keep harrassing you on facebook about the show over here in WA.. I wrote to channel 44 again and they proudly informed me it will be back on on Fridays at 8.30am!! What a terrible time to televise your wonderful show. I tried to watch most of it this morning..between doing everything else…yes it was a repeat!! I have told all my dog loving pals..but this is such a bad time no one can watch it then. Gggrr!!!

    Comment | Fri 26 August, 2011
  • vanessa

    Oops sorry.. forgot to add.. regarding thunderstorms etc in the comments above, I got my 12 year old staffy a thundershirt…and it has definitely helped him alot. The thundershirt can be used for a variety of common doggie problems. Might be worth a try.

    Comment | Fri 26 August, 2011
  • Simeon

    Hi there I need advise before I go mad. I have a Hungarian Vizsla who is 8mths old, she is a wonderful mate. However she has two speeds on and off. I’m running out of ideas to keep her busy.. also i wont her to start living out side a little. each time ileave her out side she digs to china or starts re-aranging the garden. She has lots of toys and gets walked every day this is still not enough to slow her down or keep her busy.. I think she also needs some formal training but not sure what and where.. Any advise or assistance would be greatly appreciated..

    Comment | Fri 30 September, 2011
  • Hi Simeon, first of all, the usual disclaimer: I’m not a dog expert of any kind! (I just play one on TV). However, my first response is that she’ll grow out of it! We had the same problems with Kosmo at that age. But that doesn’t help you much right now. Contact a behaviourist or trainer in your city and they’ll be able to help you. Good luck!

    Comment | Fri 30 September, 2011
  • Hi Steve! We just LOVE your show! We started watching not long ago. I think you should do a story on dogs doing tricks because I have taught my 1 year old cocker spaniel over 40 tricks this year, all through the use of Positive Reinforcement! Dogs are very smart, and can learn almost anything! You could even ask people to send in clips of their dogs doing tricks! Hope this helped your show!

    Comment | Wed 9 November, 2011
  • Hi Emily, thanks for watching. Well done with the tricks! We did do a few segments on tricks a while back. Always fun. At the moment we are not in production, but it’s something for us to keep in mind. Thanks!

    Comment | Thu 10 November, 2011
  • Bradley Pool

    HI Steven,
    My partner and I absolutely LOVE your show. Yous dedication and passion for dogs make you such a delightful host for the show. While watching some old episodes our dog gave us a big laugh.In Episode 13 when you were at the Paw Store and squeaked the i-paw.Our dog was at our feet snoozing and suddenly jumped up and looked around for the source of the squeak.We laughed so hard. I enjoyed the episode with how to handle a dog pulling on the lead.Very helpful.We get something out of every episode. A wonderful show. Thank you for putting it all together.
    Bradley and Melissa

    Comment | Sun 12 February, 2012
  • Thanks! When and where did you see us on the telly?

    Comment | Sun 12 February, 2012
  • Bradley Pool

    HI Steven
    I saw Episode 7, Season 4 on Digital 31 on 21 Jan 2012.It is still showing on channel 44 digital 31 on Saturday mornings at 9:30am.
    I looked up older episodes on you tube

    Comment | Sun 12 February, 2012
  • Excellent – thanks letting us know 🙂

    Comment | Mon 13 February, 2012
  • I experimented with looking at your web site in my iphone and the layout does not seem to be right. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most mobile phone layouts are not working with your website.

    Comment | Sun 6 May, 2012
  • Hi, thanks for your comment. We have now added a mobile version… hope this helps 🙂

    Comment | Sun 6 May, 2012
  • Hi, Steve!
    I just discovered Hound TV on YouTube and love the humane manner in which you train puppies. I have the opportunity to get a 9-week-old puppy that is 50% American Eskimo and 50% Blue Heeler. What is your take on this combination? Will it be a challenging puppy to train? Do you think he will be okay with my cats? Do you recommend crate training? I’ve always adopted adult dogs but this puppy has stolen my heart!

    Thanks for your input!

    Comment | Thu 12 July, 2012
  • Hi Kim, thanks for your feedback! That sounds like an interesting combination! As far as training and temperament goes – sorry, but I couldn’t comment! I’m only an enthusiast, not an expert. Maybe you could find an obedience club in your local area, and ask some of the trainers for their thoughts. Good luck!

    Comment | Thu 12 July, 2012
  • Jacques

    Hi there,

    My wife and I saw the show for the first time and loved it. The episode we watched tonight was with a dog called Cosmo and a stretchy rope and ball hung from a branch. He definitely loved his new toy!

    What breed of dog is Cosmo?

    Thanks for a great show.


    Comment | Wed 8 August, 2012
  • Hi Jacques, thanks for watching, and thanks for dropping by and expressing your appreciation! We haven’t filmed for over a year, so it’s always a nice surprise to get new feedback 🙂
    Kosmo is from a shelter called Save-a-dog in Melbourne. He’s very much a mixed breed… we had him DNA tested and as well as Bull Mastiff (which is apparent), there is a bit of Bull Terrier. The rest is unknown. He’s sometimes mistaken for a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, but that did not come up in the test. Cheers, Steven

    Comment | Wed 8 August, 2012
  • Martin

    Dear HoundTV … Comparison of cats and dogs, 8.30am 14/2/2013, C44 Adelaide … brilliant!

    Comment | Thu 14 February, 2013
  • Hehe…. thanks. But you always knew dogs were ‘better’, right? 🙂

    Comment | Thu 14 February, 2013

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