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We’ve all heard the gag about a zoo with no animals… but to many people the Shih Tzu is the best pet you could have. Viewer Connie Gilchrist has sent in this short article for us:

The Shih Tzu as a Pet

By Connie Gilchrist

Although a little fragile for very young children, the Shih Tzu makes a very lovable family pet and a wonderful companion for those who are older.
My dog at least, is not particularly obedient; still, I persevere and insist that he does what he is told, though it sometimes takes a long time. To put the best spin on it I would say he is an independent thinker.
When directed to go outside to his/our laundry, you have never seen such a slow mover, although I know very well that he can bound along with the best of them when he is down at the park.

He has the cutest face and a variety of expressions ranging from one of real delight to those of contemplation, downright dissatisfaction and attention seeking. (I have hardened my heart to the pleading eyes.) Although somewhat quiet and placid, he is well able to let me know when he is not happy with something.

That is when his nice deep bark comes into its own. It is his way of talking. He is also pretty good at making sounds of disappointment punctuated with a sigh or two. He also goes in for grizzling and occasionally, what I can only describe as “swearing.” (He doesn’t get it from me!)

He has a comical little personality. And, what a stickybeak! He is always interested in what is going on and I sometimes have to remind him that it is I to whom the person is speaking, not him! When he has to sit in the car to wait for me, (usually outside a shop) his little head is like a yo-yo, going back and forth to such an extent that you might think he was watching a tennis match. Such is his interest in all that is going on.

When we go down the street you get the distinct impression that he thinks that everyone has just come down at that particular time to see him and naturally, make a fuss of him – this “most beautiful dog in the whole world” which his owner often tells him and which he has started to believe, himself.

His name, “Yung Sum”, is Cantonese for “Brave Heart, in keeping with his Chinese heritage. One day I hope he will be brave!

To sum it up, my Yungy (pronounced Yoongy) has brought an immense amount of pleasure into my life and I would not be without him. He is a delight.
A Shih Tzu who is well-disciplined and well-cared-for – dedicated to petship and petship alone – cannot be surpassed.

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