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  • Graeme Allen

    I wish to know at about what age is a dog considered fully grown
    Thank oyu for this website, it is very helpful and informative

    Comment | Wed 4 February, 2009
  • Hi Graeme,

    That’s an interesting question – why do you ask? I guess it depends on the breed, and what you mean by ‘adult’. Generally around 18 months to two years, I would think.


    Comment | Wed 4 February, 2009
  • marc

    gday i have a koolie or coolie .was wondering is there any places i can take my dog to learn how to herd or just have fun running around with live stock do u have any suggestions


    ps love the show

    Comment | Tue 24 March, 2009
  • Hi Marc,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, there are people that run herding courses. I have seen Four Paws K9 Training offering workshops but if you ask around, I know there are others as well.


    Comment | Wed 25 March, 2009
  • Ben Grout

    Hi Marc,

    I have a Stafford Bull Terrier and he is always getting a build of puss or gunk in his eyes. I have taken him to the vet a few times it clears up then comes straight back once treatment stops. Do yo have any ideas as to what could be causing this.


    Comment | Sat 4 July, 2009
  • Hi Ben,

    I would pass your query on to Dr Lauren, but I suspect there could be a number of causes and it would be necessary to see the dog. So if you’re not getting good results with the vet you’re seeing, it might make sense to get a second opinion from another vet. Good luck!

    Comment | Sat 4 July, 2009

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