Dog Training

General dog training tips:

  • Make sure you have suitable rewards. Test which treats are your dog’s favourite and have plenty to hand. A good quality food pouch is a good investment!
  • Start off with minimal distractions. You can (and should) introduce them gradually later.
  • Have your dog on a lead if appropriate for the dog’s stage of training and the skill being taught.
  • Be excited about training and your dog will enjoy it. Make it a fun game for your dog.
  • Reward small successes at first and then get more specific about rewarding the desired behaviour as you progress.
  • At first you can condition your dog to associate a “bridge” (like the word “yes!”) with a food reward. As you progress, you’ll use the food less often and the dog will know s/he has done the right thing when you use the bridge.
  • Don’t be afraid to give gentle corrections if required
  • Don’t try to go on for too long, especially with young pups. Frequent short training sessions are much better than occasional long ones
  • End on a positive

You can contact our dog trainer, Sidney Aarons, at his Dog Training web site

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  • Anthony Licandro

    Get me some episodes, im hanging to see them. I was talking with a mate of mine and he was telling me about this dog show he watches everyweek. I said i’d get your autograph for him. lol
    Catch you at work.

    Comment | Thu 19 March, 2009
  • Ann Harlond

    I have been searching for a good book that shows you the break down steps for dogs tricks. A book shop got in for me Dog Tricks for Dumies, but is was half filled with basic obecience etc. stuff. In america there is a book 101 dog tricks, but some of the reviews and not favourable to the way aussies like to train with gentleness. Are you able to advise me of a suitable book. I don’t care if it is expensive, so long as I’m not paying for what I already know and don’t need. Only want the trick process. I am not very imaginative and do need a book and my knew rescue dog is so smart and wants to learn all the time. (We are currently learning Flyball). Thanks for your help. Ann

    Comment | Sat 9 May, 2009
  • Bailey

    Thank you for the very informational video on youtube on walking on a leash. it was very helpful to my new puppy.

    Comment | Thu 11 June, 2009
  • VJ Singh

    Hi There,

    We have a little rottweiler puppy and so I was surfing the net for some good dog training videos. I watched a lot of different videos on the same topic “Leash Training a Dog” and I must say your video was by far the best.
    Very Clear, Step by Step & easy to follow.
    Great work guys … waiting for more.
    We live in Europe and so cannot watch you on the telly .. so would highly appreciate if you could post more stuff on the web or your website.

    Comment | Sun 23 August, 2009
  • Hi VJ,

    Thanks for the compliment – I’m glad you found that video helpful. I admit it’s been a while since we’ve posted any videos online, as we’ve been flat our producing new shows. However we are now on our last episode of the season, so we should have more time soon to get back up to speed with the online videos.


    Comment | Mon 24 August, 2009
  • Peter

    Gday Guys
    Love the show! Fair go Kev i say – digital for C31!!!! I am after some info on socialising my woofer so he wont have a go at the other dogs around. i have started by getting him used to them on a leash, but he is 3 and although i know he can do it, it appears to be taking a little longer

    All comments appreciated!


    Comment | Wed 16 September, 2009
  • We did a segment on introducing dogs to each other in Episode 6 of Season 1. It’s not online here yet but will be eventually. Hopefully that will help a bit!

    Comment | Wed 16 September, 2009
  • Steve

    Hi guys,
    I watched the show with interest this morning on off leash dog parks.
    I have an off leash dog park right next to my house which is great for my girl. But I have a problem with her aggression. Dogs that are the same size as her or bigger that she is unfamilar with she looks very nervous around them and will often snap and lunge at them in an aggressive manner. She wasnt like this as a puppy, but now she is 1 1/2 its getting worse and I would really like some advice seeking a trainer in the SE suburbs who can assist me.
    My email is if you can be of any assistance.

    Comment | Sat 24 October, 2009
  • I have one of these bowls, they work great!

    Comment | Fri 30 October, 2009
  • savy

    Hi Sidney,
    My dog is a maltese terrierX shih tzu ( 1 year old). He barks a lot. I have tried a number of methods including using muzzle for 1 minute when he barked, using coin in a tin box, Petsafe Ultrasonic Portable Indoor Bark Control Unit , tried to go out and look at what he was barking at , tried distracting by playing etc. Nothing works. Its very frustrating and annoying. He barks at TV, people talking or laughing, door closing, light turned on name it and he will bark. What should I do?
    Thanks you

    Comment | Wed 7 July, 2010
  • Hi Savy, Thanks for your post. Sounds like the barking is driving you crazy!
    Sorry, Sidney is not able to answer viewer questions individually. If you contact a local dog trainer or behaviourist they should be able to help. Feel free to keep us posted on your progress.
    Cheers, Steven

    Comment | Thu 8 July, 2010
  • k9mythbuster

    “Don’t be afraid to give gentle corrections if required”

    What is the criteria for when corrections are required? How do dog owners determine when the dog is deliberately not complying versus the training for correct behavior incomplete or incompetent?

    Comment | Thu 2 February, 2012
  • Umer

    hi! i own a rottweiler puppy about 3.5 months old…. it is the first time ever i have kept a dog..he won’t listen to me and won’t walk on leash…i have to pull him hard as he resists,,what shall i do i am very stressed

    Comment | Tue 17 April, 2012
  • Hi Umer, have you seen this?

    Comment | Wed 18 April, 2012
  • Koffi

    Hello. I have a 10 months old belgian malinois that shows a lot of interest in training. When siting in front of me he focus on me very well. He heels also well. But by the time we start heel-walking he cannot focus on me anymore. Please how to cure this ? Thank you for answering

    Comment | Sat 18 January, 2014

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