If you can’t receive any of the community TV stations we’re on, missed some of Season 1, or just plain can’t get enough Hound TV, you’ll be pleased to know we now have…

Season 1 DVD sets!

Hound TV Season 1 DVDs

The DVD set is $29.95 plus postage, and includes all of your favourite stories: Flyball, the Canine Musem, termite sniffer dogs, and dog poo; all of Sidney Aarons’ training segments; and lots of Hounds of the Week like the Shar Pei, Border Terrier, Leonberger, and Bernese Mountain Dog. All of that and too many others to mention here.

And of course what DVD would be complete without its own bonus feature. We went to all sorts of trouble to shoot a special behind-the-scenes interview with yours truly (Steven) and the usually reticent Hound TV video guy, Matt.

So if you loved season one and want your very own copy of all eleven episodes (that’s, like, five hours of Hound TV!) to have on the shelf, watch any time, and impress your friends with – do your dog a favour and order one now! 🙂

NOTE – 29 November 2012 – Sorry, we are out of stock of DVDs for the moment. We may press another run in future. Please “like” our facebook page to stay up to date. Cheers, Steven.

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  • Hi please let us know if the ads appear on the vdos or if they are ad free?

    Comment | Thu 23 July, 2009
  • Hi Mandy, the season one DVDs are ad free.

    Comment | Thu 23 July, 2009
  • Chris

    Hi Steven,
    please tell me, does season 1 cover all of 2009? I am particular interested in the earthdog segment at KCC park from the middle of 2009.

    Comment | Thu 4 February, 2010
  • Hi Chris, the Earthdog segment was in Season 2. That will be available on DVD very soon.

    Comment | Thu 4 February, 2010
  • Judy

    Interested in viewing American Bulldog segment from 12th April, 2010. We have one and only caught the last 3 minutes. Can we view this online or do you do repeats at all.

    Comment | Tue 13 April, 2010
  • Hi Judy,
    Which city are you in? 12 April was the premiere date for Adelaide – if you check the local guide you may find it is repeated during the week. The episode will air tonight (Wednesday 14 April) in Melbourne and Sydney.
    Also, next week in Episode 7 we have a story on the Amercian Bulldog Champions League.
    You can usually find the current episode on the Channel 31 website and/or YouTube channel.

    Comment | Wed 14 April, 2010
  • Chris

    Hi there , when is Season 2 coming out on DVD???

    Comment | Sat 23 October, 2010
  • Hi Chris,
    Sorry, we’ve been slack with this… very slack indeed! We’re actually most of the way there. Just need to finalise a few things and get them off to the duplicators. Stay tuned!

    Comment | Sat 23 October, 2010
  • Can’t wait for season 2, hope to hear soon.
    What a great video on the puppy farms!!

    Comment | Thu 2 December, 2010
  • Michelle

    Do you sell the dvd anywhere not online?

    Comment | Sun 12 December, 2010
  • Hi Michelle,
    Only online!

    Comment | Sun 12 December, 2010
  • Nicole Wilson

    Hey Steven! I see you’re up to season 4. Any chance of seasons 2,3 and 4 coming available for purchase on dvd?

    Comment | Wed 15 June, 2011
  • Hi Nicole,
    Yes, you’re right! Season 4 is still in production, but Seasons 2 and 3 are finished. It’s actually all my fault! I have the Season 2 discs here ready for duplication, but just need to check a couple of things over and get the cover artwork designed. Hopefully we’ll get there soon. Then we can think about Season 3!

    Comment | Thu 16 June, 2011
  • natalie

    Hi Steve, I would like a copy of tonight’s episode 29/08/2011, would that be season 4? if so when could I expect it to be available to purchase?

    Comment | Mon 29 August, 2011
  • Hi Natalie, thanks for your interest. Yes, season 4. Not for a while, unfortunately! As you can se we have some work to do catching up with those. But now that we are not filming, we may actually get somewhere with this. Stay tuned…

    Comment | Tue 30 August, 2011
  • Anna

    Hi guys,

    heard about the CMT episode could you tell me if and when it will be aired again or if I can get a copy?

    Comment | Mon 21 May, 2012
  • Hi Anna, we don’t have that segment online, but you’re in luck, because Monika Alston – the practitioner featured in the segment – has it on her website: http://rehab4dogs.com.au/page/services-for-vet-providers/
    We have covered quite a bit of agility in Melbourne, but we are not in production at the moment. Certainly something we’d look at doing more of in the future.

    Comment | Tue 22 May, 2012
  • rat xoxox

    i would love see this dvd but need subtext for deaf read what dogs stories .. i have five dogs and all my life loves dogs bec they are part of human too bec they great company and help freindly too.. i am look forward read ur new magaizne because i found from library i am read all the book its great….
    cheers woofy matey

    Comment | Wed 8 August, 2012
  • Sorry, the DVDs don’t feature captions. We would love to have done that, but budget did not allow. Cheers

    Comment | Wed 8 August, 2012

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