Hound TV #34 – Monday 11 April 2009: An old friend

Continuing our series of stories from our first TV season, in today’s dog Video, we go back and check in on a Boston Terrier called Satchmo. As a pup back in April 2008, he starred in Episode 28 of our podcast, and we thought it would be good to check back in on him and see how he was going.

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Don’t forget, if you want to see this story in all its glory – along with stacks of other stories, you can get a discount on our yet-to-be-released season 1 DVD set if you order now. Get to it!

For more info on Boston Terriers, see the Boston Terrier page within our Dog Breeds section.
This could do with fleshing out – Boston Terrier experts, please get in touch!

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Dog video: Hound TV #22 – Friday 21 September 2007

Dog Video: Secrets of fresh dog food, TWO chances to win stuff for your dog, dog news from around the world, and we meet and interview some dogs and their owners down at the park.

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